Surgery is a stressful time. The average surgeon gets 10 min to explain to patients their surgery, expectations, outcomes, recovery, alternatives, etc. Without a clear path forward, the scheduling process can be even more anxiety-inducing!

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Surgeons are stressed and overworked with limited time to communicate complex surgical plans to patients and staff. Surgeons depend on their scheduler and invest hours training them on the intricacies of their cases. How are cases scheduled when the scheduler is sick or on leave?

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Administrators cannot pro-actively manage and monitor their most important patient-consumer relationship. Archaic paper-driven processes are error-prone, inefficient, and difficult to track. Billing sometimes involves guesswork. Resources cannot be shared and managed across surgeons.

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Support staff is burnt-out and surgeons are frustrated. Managing anesthesia, hospital, surgical center, vendors, etc. for case scheduling is a time-consuming affair often at the expense of keeping patients in the loop. Insurance requirements are becoming increasingly onerous.

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The Best
Case Scenario

casectrl provides an easy workflow to coordinate surgeries.

Case Builder

It starts with Case Builder. Designed by surgeons for surgeons, Case Builder is a real-time point-of-care tool in casectrl that facilitates the effortless construction of a customized surgical case posting in seconds. No more lost or illegible case posting sheets! No more clinic interruptions!

Intelligent Repository

casectrl is the brains behind the operation (no pun intended)! It is an intelligent HIPAA compliant repository that learns each individual surgeon’s case preferences. Anyone can schedule a case to your surgeon’s exact specifications. Never again is your surgeon dependent on one scheduler! Easily referenceable case-specific information empowers surgeon’s teams to independently manage perioperative care. Standardized yet customized pathways lead to predictable and accountable care. With guesswork eliminated, the Intelligent Repository ensures fewer billing/coding errors, faster authorizations, and more efficient collections!

Integrated Dashboard

casectrl is the command center for orchestrating it all. An intuitive dashboard tracks pending, scheduled, completed, held, and canceled surgical cases. Leverage a shared surgeon’s dashboard to foster cross-practice collaboration and accountability. No more sticky notes and file folders!


Risk Analyzer

casectrl includes a decision support tool that analyzes patient and case specific risk factors. It makes it easy to; recognize patients that can benefit from specialist pre-operative clearance; optimize cases at the highest risk for readmission and complications; identify opportunities to avoid patient satisfaction pitfalls preoperatively. No more medical clearance case cancellations!

Automatic Notifications

casectrl simplifies care coordination among patients, staff, surgeon, coordinators, assistants, hospital, insurance, anesthesia, and many more, with integrated case context- aware communications. Patient specific perioperative guidance/reminders reduce complications, enhance process transparency, and improve patient satisfaction. No more vendor no shows or phone tag fatigue!

Surgical Calendar

casectrl includes an intelligent operating room allocation tool that integrates institutional, surgeon, patient, and case-specific scheduling requirements to make it easy for schedulers to independently and accurately determine optimal case scheduling sequences. Global surgical calendar views make operating room block time optimization a breeze. Automated case sequence updates are provided to relevant parties. No more idle, irate surgeons in the operating room!

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Performance Reports

Let your administrators harness the power of casectrl too! With casectrl produce on-demand performance reports of cases, surgeons, staff, facilities, vendors, assistants, and more. Identify synergies and deficiencies in your institution’s practice. Target bottlenecks and create data-driven process improvements. Take control of the most important patient experience in your hospital!


Programmable Chat

Automated A.I. driven case and patient specific engagement tool that leverages the surgeon’s case repository to accurately respond and triage patient concerns. Give your team the freedom to focus on what matters.

Our Team

Pamela Singh

Pamela Singh
Co-Founder and Dance Queen

As a veteran systems engineer with a background in operations research, Pamela is passionate about the science of efficiency. After experiencing the pains of surgery first hand (or foot in the case of her bunion surgery) she saw a need for more optimal case management. Little known fact - she’s also an internationally acclaimed traditional Indian Bhangra dance sensation!

Ashvin Dewan

Dr. Ashvin Dewan
Co-Founder and Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic hack by day, but coder by night, Dr. Dewan is a technologically inclined thinker always looking for a more efficient way. With an engineering background, Dr. Dewan has unique insight into his Orthopedic practice. His vision has helped guide the development of our platform.

Saachi Roye

Saachi Roye
Lead Software Engineer and Aspiring Chef

Saachi is a proven tech industry leader that has successfully developed, deployed, and led large scale software enterprises. He loves using his tech prowess to tackle real healthcare challenges. Not only can he cook up lean and clean internet applications but he is also savvy in the kitchen too! He is the anointed resident team chef, and we always volunteer him to lead our team barbecues!

What our users say

A collection of quotes from our users.

"Getting surgery is stressful and scary. Thanks to the real-time updates and accessibility of my surgeon's team however I never felt alone! I have had many surgeries but this was the most organized and streamlined experience I have ever had. Why aren't all surgeons doing it this way?"
Lea Klusmen
"My scheduler has changed multiple times in the last few years, and every time I dread it. Training a new scheduler requires a significant investment of my time. With casectrl's intelligent repository I am no longer so dependent on one person. Anyone on my staff can use the software to reference any case and know my pre/intra/post-op preferences. It decompresses my workload, and empowers the team to confidently execute my desired plan. This is a game-changer!"
Clark David
Orthopedic Surgeon
"casectrl is best in class when it comes to customer relationship management for surgery scheduling. We get actionable insights into the performance of my surgical service lines. We can finally control the most important processes and experiences at our surgery center. I can't ever imagine going back to the previous way of doing things!"
Andrew Williams
Practice Administrator

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