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AI Powered
Surgical Scheduling

Fewer canceled cases, scheduling conflict and misordered supplies. More surgery AND more time for patients!

No, your EMR doesn’t do that.

We integrate with any EMR to boost functionality with actionable data, insights, and silo-busting knowledge transfer between surgeons.

Write less. Heal more.

Replace the old-school paper trail with a surgical scheduler built for the 21st century.

Power to the Surgeons

The surgical scheduling process is frustratingly stuck in the past: siloed, paper-based, and overdependent on single schedulers. Surgeons are stressed and overworked. They need a better way to communicate their complex surgical plans, timelines and resource needs…and for schedulers to somehow clone themselves.

Power to the Schedulers

A lot about the surgical scheduling process rests on schedulers’ shoulders. But the laborious manual nature of the job and the sheer volume of work is a leading cause of burnout. They need an efficient way that automates their repetitive tasks; basically, digitally replicate themselves so their expertise can cover more tasks in a day – and assist more surgeons.

Power to the Patients

Surgery is a stressful time. Patients get about 10 minutes of explanation about their surgeries, including discussion of outcomes, recovery and alternatives. They need to know that their surgeon is truly engaged in their case and that the practice itself has their back with regard to preparation and post-surgery recovery. If the surgical center only reached out a little more proactively…

Power to the Admins

Every year, surgeons leave about $500k on the table. Why? The surgical scheduling process is laborious, error-prone... and holding your practice back. Resources can’t be shared. Billing involves guesswork. Admins need a process that’s trackable, measurable, and gives them the vision to diagnose problems in the surgery pipeline.

Empowered Surgical Scheduling

A powered-up workflow built by surgeons for surgeons.

Case Builder

Build a case in seconds with caseCTRL’s real-time, digital point-of-care tool that allows surgeons to effortlessly construct customized cases. No more lost or illegible case posting sheets. No more clinic interruptions.

Integrated Dashboard

Collaborate cross-practice, no sticky notes required. caseCTRL’s intuitive dashboard tracks pending, scheduled, completed, held, and canceled surgical cases all in one easy to access place.

Intelligent Repository

Transfer surgeon knowledge so anyone can schedule a case. caseCTRL’s intelligent, HIPAA compliant repository learns the surgeon’s case preferences to reduce dependence on the scheduler. Communications captured in software makes preferences clear, consistent, and easy to retrieve. No more guesswork means predictable, accountable care, and fewer billing and coding errors.

Surgical Calendar

Make the best use of everyone’s time, with an intelligent operating room allocation tool that integrates institutional, surgeon, patient, and case-specific scheduling requirements to make optimal case scheduling sequences easier. caseCTRL’s surgical calendar views make operating room block time optimization a breeze and update the right people about the changes at the right time.

Automatic Notifications

Reach out, reduce phone tag, and help everyone feel more informed. Coordinate across the spectrum of people involved in each surgery, from patients to staff, surgeons to coordinators, assistants, anesthesia, admin staff to insurance personnel, and many more, with integrated, case-specific, context-aware communications.

Risk Analyzer

Curb cancellations with caseCTRL’s decision support tool that analyzes patient and case specific risk factors. We make it easy to recognize patients that can benefit from specialist pre-operative clearance, optimize cases at the highest risk for readmission and complications, and identify opportunities to proactively avoid patient satisfaction pitfalls.

AI-Enabled Virtual Patient Guides

Connect and communicate with patients personally and quickly. Register patients for surgery and they’re added to caseCTRL’s communication pathways. Predictive text cues push reminders, encouragement and more to patients on a timetable personalized to their surgery. Our integrated AI chatbot also answers common questions from patients in seconds, building trust and keeping you focused on surgery, not triaging urgent questions.

Four Routes to Scheduling Empowerment

Sign up for one of our three, tiered service levels or partner with caseCTRL


Discover more dollars in your practice and more hours in your day. Perfect for new surgeons and individuals juggling multiple locations.


  • Case builder - intelligent learning algorithms, saved surgeon preferences, coding engine, and multi-location support
  • Surgeon & scheduler dashboards for pending, completed and cancelled cases
  • Scheduler tools including auto-generated facility posting sheets


Unlock automated tools to boost revenue, productivity and collaboration. For growing private practices of 1-10 surgeons.


  • Starter tier tools
  • Advanced surgeon and scheduler dashboards for holding, scheduled, confirmed and recovering cases
  • Virtual patient surgical guide featuring video and text cues
  • Case risk analyzer for automated clearances, labs, orders and more
  • Daily timeline with drag and drop scheduling
  • EMR integration
  • Automated communications module for facility, vendors, case assistants, coordinators, and more
  • Insurance authorization audit log, standby cues, collaborative case scheduling, dynamic task list tracking and more


Optimize administration, enhance collaboration, and get more customization. For hospitals and large multi-specialty practices.


  • Professional tier tools and integrations
  • Advanced admin dashboard
  • Surgeon scheduling validation engine
  • OR pooling / block scheduling
  • Custom business intelligence
  • Vital reports: scheduler performance, surgeon and service line summaries
  • Dynamic task list with location-specific customizations
  • Announcements and bulletins by case, patient, surgeon or location
  • AI chatbots
  • Surgeon coding reconciliation
  • Custom EMR integration, holding patient tracker, postoperative pathways and more practice-specific customizations


Help us reach - and support - more surgeons.


  • Practice management groups interested in cross-selling
  • Implant vendors as a perk for surgeon retention
  • Medical SEO and marketing groups interested in directly demonstrating marketing value with tracked surgical conversions

Executive Team

Pamela Singh

Chief Executive Officer

As a veteran systems engineer with a background in operations research, Pamela is passionate about the science of efficiency. After experiencing the various pains of surgery first hand (or foot, as the case was) she saw a need for optimal case management and more empowered players in the surgical chain of command. Little known fact – Pamela is also an internationally acclaimed traditional Indian Bhangra dancer!

Dr. Ashvin Dewan

Chief Medical Officer

Orthopedic surgeon by day, coder by night, Dr. Dewan is an innovative thinker always looking for a more efficient way. With an engineering background, Dr. Dewan brings unique problem-solving insight to his practice, vision that has helped guide the development of caseCTRL

Saachi Roye

Chief Technology Officer

Saachi is a proven tech industry leader who has successfully developed, deployed, and led large scale software enterprises and who loves using his tech powers to tackle real healthcare challenges. Not only can he cook up lean and clean internet applications, but he is also quite innovative in the kitchen too, serving as our team chef.

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